On Tuesday, dozens of states sued Meta, accusing the company of putting profits ahead of the safety of its young users.

The lawsuit, filed in California federal court, alleges that Meta illegally misled the public about harming teens from Facebook and Instagram. The point is that Meta’s business model is focused on spending as much time as possible on the platform, and this is harmful to the mental health of young people.

“Over the past decade,” the lawsuit says, “Meta has significantly changed the psychological and social reality of a generation of young Americans.” The complaint alleges that Meta knowingly deployed features that facilitate harmful behavior by young users. In particular, the company is accused of influencing likes and harmful content with the promotion of malnutrition.

At the same time, Meta denies these allegations: “We share the commitment of attorneys general to provide teens with a safe, positive online experience, and have already introduced more than 30 tools to support teens and their families.”

Recall that Google will have to pay more than $ 1 million to an executive who claimed that the company discriminated against her on the basis of gender.