At a time when misinformation is prevalent on many platforms, YouTube has introduced a new feature that will direct viewers to more reliable sources of information.

YouTube is launching a specialized center for news. This page aggregates news from “authoritative sources” in several formats: videos, live streams, podcasts, and Shorts. The purpose of this is to help users learn more about a particular topic from multiple sources.

You can access the page by clicking on the relevant video with the newspaper icon on the YouTube homepage or in the search results. YouTube is starting to roll out the feature to mobile devices in around 40 countries. This feature will eventually come to desktops and apps for connected TVs.

In addition, YouTube has introduced a program to enhance the ability of news organizations to create short videos. The innovative Shorts news app is designed to help those who already have experience posting long-form videos but want to improve their Shorts.

“Now more than ever, we continue to provide people with high-quality information they can trust, especially during elections, riots, and natural disasters,” the platform’s support wrote.

To recap, YouTube has been accused by the EU for disinformation about the war in Israel. At the same time, the company claims that it has removed a lot of illegal content.