Netflix has announced that it is expanding its beta version of game streaming in the United States. This feature allows you to play games streamed from the cloud on devices such as a TV or computer, was launched for the first time in August in Canada and the United Kingdom.

In a blog post, Netflix notes that this is a “limited” beta test, so it doesn’t seem like it will be available to very many people.

As in the original test, the only two games available to stream are Oxenfree from Netflix’s own Night School Studio and another game called Molehew’s Mining Adventure.

If you have access to the service, you’ll need to download a dedicated Netflix controller app for your iPhone or Android device to play the game on your TV. On the Internet, you can play games with a mouse and keyboard. Netflix is constantly expanding its library of games and offerings to offer more benefits to subscribers.

The vast majority of games are available on mobile devices, but the company has actively stated its interest in going beyond iOS and Android. The Wall Street Journal writes that the company plans to release games based on its own hit franchises such as Squid Game, Wednesday, Extraction and Black Mirror.