OpenAI has launched a feature update for users of the premium version – ChatGPT Plus. Thanks to it, it became possible to download files and work with them. And users will no longer need to choose modes such as “Browse with Bing”, instead GPT itself will guess what users want.

Once a file is transferred to ChatGPT, it takes a few minutes to process it. The chatbot will then be able to analyze the data, answer questions, or generate data visualizations based on prompts.

A chatbot isn’t just limited to text files. One of the users posted screenshots of a dialogue with a chat on Threads, where he uploaded a photo of a capybara and asked to turn it into a Pixar-style image. Later, he added a photo of the skateboard and asked him to insert it into the image in the capybara. It seems that ChatGPT has accomplished this task quite successfully.

As a reminder, the ChatGPT knowledge base is no longer limited to September 2021.