The team of the NGO ReThink taught artificial intelligence to recognize the materials of damaged and destroyed objects in the city of Bucha. It was stated that he managed to calculate the results with an accuracy of 86%.

The basis for AI training was data from the organization Damaged In UA. In particular, it was possible to classify 20 materials, including tiles, metal tiles and concrete slabs.

To analyze the objects, UAV images of all buildings in Bucha and files assessing the level of destruction in the city, provided by the organization Damaged in UA, as well as data from open sources, were taken.

The results were published on an interactive web platform.

The results of the project make it possible to assess the potential for the secondary use of building materials of the objects of study. And also apply this method to other buildings destroyed in Ukraine.

The project was implemented as part of the UNDP project “Strengthening Ukraine’s Evidence-Based Recovery”, a component of which is being implemented by the Kyiv School of Economics.