Scientists have found that deep in the Earth’s mantle there are two areas where seismic waves slow down. This is due to the very dense materials located near the core.

Their existence was associated with a giant collision with a planet (scientists called it, Theia) the size of Mars, as a result of which the Moon was formed.

In addition, the collision could have occurred early in the history of the solar system, which could explain why the isotope ratio appears primordial.

However, it is quite difficult to understand why material from this planet got into the deep bowels of the Earth. Scientists simulated that the Earth melted during the collision and these parts of Theia fell inside.

Since then, the Earth’s interior has evolved for more than 4 billion years, and these parts have become what they are now.

Recall that the Webb telescope from NASA took a new image of the Crab Nebula. It allows us to understand more about the origin of the nebula.