At, we write news related to artificial intelligence almost every day. And now the Collins dictionary has named “AI” the most outstanding word of 2023.

The definition of Artificial Intelligence is “modeling the mental functions of a person using computer programs.” The Guardian writes that this word was chosen because AI “accelerated at a rapid pace and became the dominant discussion of 2023.” And the use of this term has quadrupled over the past year.

“AI” was chosen from a list of new terms that, according to publisher Collins, reflect “our ever-evolving language and the challenges of those who use it.”

The list also includes: the words “gridinflation” (using inflation as an excuse to raise prices to artificially high levels in order to increase corporate profits), “debanking” (de-banking), “nepo-child” (children of celebrities whose careers probably went up thanks to their famous father/mother)

Last year, “permacrisis” (permanent crisis) was chosen as the word of the year, in 2021 – “NFT”, and in 2020 – “lockdown”.

The word of the year is chosen by lexicographers who track a number of sources, including social media.