The solar system’s asteroid 33 Polyhymnia is located in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

It is called “super-dense” because it does not have the mass that is necessary to compress minerals into super-dense forms.

It is also difficult for scientists to determine the composition of such elements due to their great distance from Earth and too small size for study.

A study by American physicists proved that the existence of such superdense objects in space is explained by the fact that there are classes of chemical elements unknown to mankind until now. They are denser than the densest mineral in the periodic table – osmium. This is reported by Space with reference to a study published in the scientific journal The European Physical Journal Plus.

“We combined all the superheavy elements together under the name ‘Unobtanium,'” said study co-author Johann Rafelski. “The idea that some of them might be stable enough for us to get them from our solar system is exciting.”

Recall that astronomers witnessed how two planets the size of Neptune collided with each other, forming a cloud of gas and dust that resembles a donut.