Google Maps has a number of new AI-powered features. In particular, finding easier driving routes, planning exciting trips, and better organized search results.

It will also now be possible to find charging stations for electric vehicles and find out more details: number, compatibility with your car, station power.

Thanks to the Immersive View feature, users will be able to get a detailed plan of the upcoming trip. It includes weather forecasts, directions to different locations, and panoramic views.

The Lens feature will be able to orient you in unfamiliar places thanks to your phone’s camera. The lens will also show nearby eateries, shops, transport stops, etc.

In general, the app has more features that Google search has. With the introduction of AI, it will be easier to find photos of certain places by the type of activity you need.

The results of the thematic search are based on billions of photos analyzed by AI. By clicking on the image, you can see details, reviews, routes, and more about each place.