Apple is raising prices for several of its services. The cost of Apple TV Plus increases from $6.99 per month to $9.99. Apple’s other services will also rise significantly in price.

Instead of $4.99, Apple Arcade will now cost $6.99. Apple News Plus will rise in price from $9.99 to $12.99. As the prices of all three services go up, the Apple One package will also go up in price.

  • An individual subscription will cost $19.95, a family subscription will cost $25.95, and a Premier subscription will cost $37.95.
  • Family: $25.95 (previously $22.95)
  • Premier: $37.95 (previously $32.95)

Apple joins several other services that have raised prices this year, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Discovery Plus, and Max.

Recall that the new 24-inch iMac may be released by the end of October.