In the coming weeks, the GPT Store will have a platform to create custom versions of ChatGPT for specific use cases. OpenAI presented them at a new presentation.

The so-called “GPT agents” will be available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and OpenAI’s enterprise clients, who will only be able to create internal GPTs for their employees.

“Since the launch of ChatGPT, people have been asking for ways to customize ChatGPT according to the specific ways they are used. In July, we launched user manuals that allowed us to adjust some settings, but there were requests for more control. Many experienced users keep a list of carefully crafted prompts and instruction sets by manually copying them into ChatGPT. GPT agents now do all of this for you,” the company said.

At the same time, OpenAI promises to monitor the activities of newly created chatbots to avoid fraud, hate speech, or adult content.

OpenAI’s GPT builder interface is, at first glance, easy to use. OpenAI employees introduced the process of creating a GPT agent, which takes a few minutes.

In addition, the company said it will protect customers from copyright lawsuits, following in the footsteps of Google and Microsoft.