NASA astronauts Jasmine Mogbeli and Loral O’Hara lost a bag of instruments during a spacewalk from the International Space Station. Now the bag can even be seen through binoculars, because it is very bright.

According to EarthSky, a bag of tools is now orbiting our planet right in front of the ISS.

To see it, you need to follow the movements of the ISS, for this there is a special NASA application (on iOS and Android). The bag should fly over a specified point on Earth two to four minutes before the station. However, the object is descending quite rapidly, and will most likely disintegrate when it reaches an altitude of about 113 kilometers above the Earth.

European Space Agency reserve astronaut Megan Christian shared footage of the moment when the tool bag slipped out of her hands.

Recall that the first tourist trip to the Moon is delayed indefinitely. This is due to the delay in the launch of the rocket from SpaceX.