Adobe is working on a new audio tool designed to separate different audio tracks in a single recording. The tool is called Project Sound Lift, and it can use artificial intelligence to separate elements like applause from the sound of the voice.

According to The Verge, all you have to do is import the audio file into the app and then select the sound that the tool will filter. There are quite a few options: applause, laughter, alarm clock, conversation, crowd, auto traffic, typing, etc.

Project Sound Lift automatically detects each sound and highlights individual files containing the background noise and the track you want to select.

You can then import and edit each track individually in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The final completion of work on Project Sound Lift has not yet been announced, it may take some time.

This is the same technology that helped the Beatles recover John Lennon’s voice from a 30-year-old audio recording, and release their latest song, “Now and Then.”