Google’s new Titan security keys are now available for purchase from the Google Store. They can provide more protection by not having passwords that attackers can crack.

The latest version of Google’s Titan security key is ready to work alongside the new passwordless passkey technology. There are two new versions of the dongle available on the Google Store with USB-C connection ($35) or USB-A ($30), and like previous versions released in 2021, both also have NFC for wireless connectivity.

Devices can store more than 250 different passkeys. You can set a basic PIN to access your Google Account.

The hardware chip used to create Titan’s security keys contains firmware designed by Google to ensure key integrity. This makes it easier to verify that the keys have not been physically tampered with.

Wrenches are ideal for long-term use because they are impervious to water, dust, and damage, and they don’t require batteries or moving components.