Some premium subscribers of social network X who spread disinformation about the war in Israel may be eligible for advertising revenue. This is the conclusion reached by the non-profit disinformation monitoring organization NewsGuard in its report.

According to the organization, advertisements were found in 30 posts with conspiracy statements about the war in Israel for the period from November 12 to 22. These posts have garnered 92 million views.

Each of the 10 accounts NewsGuard linked to had more than 100,000 followers.

NewsGuard’s vice president of communications, Veena McCool, said the posts aren’t the only ones that “spread misinformation or hostility” and could qualify for revenue sharing on X.

Earlier, a number of companies, including Apple, IBM, Disney, Paramount Global, refused to advertise in X. This happened after it became known that ads from Apple and others began to appear next to posts with radical conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic appeals.