Recently, Google Drive users have noticed that their files are disappearing from the storage. Google has acknowledged the issue, saying it appears to be caused by the Drive for Desktop app.

One of the users complained that the expense table, which he regularly updated, lost all the data for almost the last five years, and the history shows the latest version from January 2019. Another user reported that his data was gone by May 2023.

“We are investigating reports of an issue affecting a limited number of Drive for Desktop users and will develop additional updates,” Google said .

It is noted that the problem concerns Drive for desktop v84.0.0.0 – The company advised users not to click “unlink account” in Drive for Desktop, and not to delete or move a specific folder of the app called DriveFS. It is also recommended to make a copy of the program folder if you have space on your hard drive.

Google offers several ways to recover (or at least check) deleted files. This includes checking the trash, which is now automatically emptied after 30 days. It’s also a good idea to check the activity panel, which shows all deleted or moved files along with the corresponding date.

As a reminder, backups of WhatsApp chats on Google Drive will begin to take up space. Previously, chat history was not counted in the memory quota.