TikTok has introduced new profile tools that are only for musicians. He invites young artists to create a separate tab with music in their account, as well as add tags. After all, a set of tools should help promote your product.

To make such a tab, you need to upload at least 4 of your songs to the app. You’ll also be able to pin one so that it always appears first in the Music tab. If a musician posts new content, the app will mark the songs as “new” for 14 days.

TikTok says more than 70,000 artists are already using the new tools. The app has proven to be favorable for sharing content by both new artists and established musicians due to the dance music trends that users use in their videos.

As a reminder, TikTok is testing the publication of 15-minute videos. So far, a very limited circle of people has such an opportunity.