British Tessa Coates was seriously frightened by a photo from trying on a wedding dress. It shows her in two mirrors, and the iPhone captured her hands in three different poses.

The woman noted that this is an ordinary photo taken without the use of functions such as “Live Photography” or “Burst Shooting”.

“I looked at the photo and I had a real panic attack right on the street,” Tessa commented in an Instagram story.

The iPhone camera took one photo of a woman with different hand poses
Photo: Tessa Coates

One of Tessa’s Instagram followers decided to find out what was going on. He wrote to the Apple store, and there it was explained to him: the iPhone is a computer that takes a series of images very quickly, even if it is not panoramic or burst shooting.

According to the staff, Tessa moved her arms when the camera took a series of images from left to right, and so one photo captured her in three different poses. The woman decided that the AI decided to combine all three pictures into one.