The UK, together with its allies, in particular the United States, is working to provide Ukraine with the latest drones with artificial intelligence. At the moment, neither the delivery time nor the number of UAVs is known – it is only known that we are talking about “thousands of devices”. The latest drones with AI can move in a swarm and attack targets without the participation of an operator. Experts say that these drones, of course, will not completely cover the “shell hunger”, but in certain areas of the front they can “create a new dynamic” and save the lives of many Ukrainian soldiers.

Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of the NATO Military Committee, noted that Ukraine’s use of drones “in combination with AI” could be “more successful than Russian artillery attacks.” These drones will be deployed in large fleets and will communicate with each other without operator coordination. According to Admiral Bauer, there is an endless race with the Russian Federation to develop advanced technologies, but the modernization of long-known devices – such as UAVs – with the help of AI provides not only financial benefits, but also saves time – the most valuable resource after human lives in war.

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