A new feature of the Signal messenger, which is in beta, will allow you to connect with other users without giving them your phone number. You can also be found by a unique username – and you can create one in the settings by selecting “Profile”.

Until now, our phone number was needed to contact you via Signal. You can now connect to Signal without providing your number. Instead, you can now share the username. You can also create a QR code or link that directs people to your username, allowing them to quickly connect with you on Signal.

Signal is probably the most reliable of the free messengers at the moment. For the first time, the “usernames” function began to be tested there last fall. The company notes that you will only need a phone number for registration, and a username is not a login or an identifier; It’s simply a way to initiate contact without making your number public. People you chat with in Signal won’t see your name unless you share it, it doesn’t show up on your profile’s data page, and anyone who wants to invite you to a conversation should know it beforehand. In the privacy settings, under the tab “Who can find me by my number”, there are options “Nobody” and “Everyone”. Signal does not provide a directory with usernames for searching.

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