The Finnish company Nokia has introduced the MX Workmate tool based on generative large AI speech models, which will help workers in production. MX Workmate can produce text that is similar to human speech; It will alert employees to equipment failures in real-time, as well as provide recommendations for repairs, increased productivity, and accident prevention.

Stefan Doble, head of marketing for Nokia’s enterprise solutions, says that the AI assistant is supposed to help employees understand the data received from machine sensors, among other things, and that MX Workmate is being rolled out because manufacturers (and Nokia as well) face a shortage of qualified personnel. MX Workmate complies with operational technology regulations; some aspects of its use, in particular, the fight against AI “hallucinations”, are still at the research stage, so at the initial stage of implementation, certain safeguards are provided – for example, the correctness of AI prompts will be checked by a human.

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