The Odyssey space module manufactured by Houston Intuitive Machines was the first spacecraft to successfully land on the surface of the moon since the Apollo 17 mission, and 52 years have passed since then. It landed near the Malapert crater – because in the craters where the sun’s rays do not fall, according to scientists, there may be frozen water. Odyssey will also have to study the lunar dust that clogs and damages Earth’s equipment – this is exactly what happened with the Apollo 17 mission.

The Odyssey will work on the Moon for an Earth week, and when the sun sets over Malapert, it will suspend work because it is unable to withstand the low temperatures of a lunar night. On board the Odyssey are not only NASA instruments for studying the Moon, but also commercial cargo, in particular, jackets of the Columbia brand (space advertising is the engine of trade, yes) and sculptures of the kitschy American artist Jeffrey Koons. The first private module on the Moon could have been Peregrine from Astrobotic, but for technical reasons it failed, and it burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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