A message on Platform X, which says that Google will close Gmail from August 1, 2024, with a screenshot of an allegedly official letter, went viral – and gained more than 1 million views. It’s unknown how many readers would believe the absurd claim that Gmail, with its more than 1.8 billion active users, will suddenly disappear out of the blue, but the “official letter” is a photoshopped version of last year’s announcement from Google about abandoning Gmail’s basic HTML look.

We’re reaching out to you to share some important news about Gmail. After years of connecting millions of people around the world, ensuring seamless communication, and creating countless connections, Gmail’s journey is coming to an end.

The HTML version of the email service, which actually came to an end, in addition to the fact that it did not have many features of the latest version, such as spell checking, search filters, chat, complex formatting and keyboard shortcuts, was still popular with users with visual impairments, as well as owners of old devices or with a weak connection – without loading unnecessary animations and interfaces, mail opened much faster. Therefore, the company’s decision was not to everyone’s liking. But progress cannot be stopped, and now the official Google support page suggests using the latest version of Gmail. If the browser supports it, Gmail automatically opens without Basic HTML, but “with the latest features and security updates.”

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