Scientists from Princeton University and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory have developed an AI model that helps avoid plasma instability. The AI tool created by the researchers can predict and control instabilities in plasma, thus supporting a long-term fusion reaction. To compress plasma particles, magnets are now used in tokamaks (toroidal magnetic chambers). A tokamak is a device for magnetic confinement of plasma, which is necessary for the process of controlled thermonuclear fusion, but any disturbance can cause the reaction to stop.

The AI model can predict so-called discontinuous instabilities up to 300 milliseconds before they occur, giving scientists enough time to take control measures. At the real DIII-D reactor in San Diego, the AI system successfully controlled the power and shape of the plasma. The fact that it is now possible not only to react to instabilities, but also to anticipate them, preventing catastrophic consequences, is a revolutionary opportunity that paves the way for the creation of clean and virtually limitless energy of the future.

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