HMD, the manufacturer of Nokia smartphones, announced at MWC-2024 (Mobile World Congress) a partnership with Mattel, a company that produces Barbie toys, Monster High, etc., to create an official Barbie flip phone, which should hit the market this summer.

The barbiphone will be pink and shiny, of course, and it will be a push-button phone, not a smartphone. HMD advertises it as a fashion accessory focused on nostalgia, style and the need for digital detox. The clamshell design for Barbie is very similar to the original pink Motorola Razr from the early 2000s.

Apparently, such a brilliant – in every sense of the word – idea shone on HMD after the success of the fantasy comedy Barbie, which became the most profitable film of 2023, and received critical acclaim and the love of the audience (and viewers in particular) for literally everything – for the direction, design, music, costumes, acting. So Barbie-style accessories are simply doomed to increased demand. So far, the manufacturer Nokia has not said how much such a phone will cost, or what features it will have, and has not even provided real photos – only pictures; however, he promised to unveil Barbie’s clamshell at MWC within a week.

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