Ruby Franke, a 42-year-old blogger from Utah who ran a YouTube channel about parenting, was sentenced to four terms in prison for aggravated abuse of her own children. Before her arrest, the woman had 2.3 million followers. However, it is unlikely that Ruby talked about personal methods of “upbringing” in her videos. Ruby Franke was arrested in August 2023, after her emaciated 11-year-old son, covered with wounds and wrapped in tape (apparently an attempt was made to immobilize the child), climbed out of the window of the house and asked a neighbor for water and food. The police, who arrived at the call of the Good Samaritan, found Franke’s 9-year-old daughter in the same condition. After her mother’s arrest, her oldest daughter, 20-year-old Shari Franke, shared a picture of the cops on Instagram with the caption “Finally.”

Prior to her arrest, Ruby Franke and her children lived in the home of Jody Hildebrandt, the owner of a self-improvement consulting business. Jody and Ruby recorded a video together with advice on relationships and parenting, along the way denying Franke’s children food, water, medicine, beds to sleep in – in short, everything they need for a normal life. There was no talk of any entertainment at all. Franke and Hildebrandt, who also face similar charges, pleaded guilty to second-degree aggravated child abuse; Both women were sentenced to four prison terms, ranging from 1 to 15 years, which will have to be served consecutively. Therefore, how long the “educators” will stay in custody will be determined by the parole commission.

At the final sentencing hearing, Franke apologized to her children, saying she “believed that dark was light and good was bad.” Hildebrandt, in turn, wished the victims “physical and emotional healing” and promised to “pray that the offended children will be healed and move forward to a beautiful life.” Franke’s lawyers tried to shift the blame for what their client had done to Hildebrandt, but the court found both bloggers old enough to be responsible for the harm caused to the children.

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