The SLIM spacecraft, which has already actually said goodbye to its creators from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), managed to survive a cold moonlit night. SLIM “smoked” for about a month, but was able to wake up and respond to the command from Earth, and even began to collect new scientific data.

A command was sent to SLIM and a response was received, confirming that the spacecraft survived the moonlit night and reappeared.

The lunar night lasts almost two weeks, and the temperature on the Earth’s satellite at this time drops to -130 ̊C. Despite this, all the electronics of the module remained in working order, moreover, SLIM, to the delight of astronomers, with the help of a navigation camera, took and sent to Earth fresh photos, which “show a new section of the Moon that was not visible last time.”

Full control of the lunar module will be restored when the temperature rises to a safer level, but the fact that SLIM is up and running after such a long break can be considered a miracle. Due to an engine failure, this spacecraft landed upside down on the Moon, so its solar panels captured less light than planned. The engineers feared that SLIM would not wake up at all, so they loaded him with tasks to the maximum before he fell asleep. And the avid explorer of the Moon not only managed to accomplish everything he had planned within the mission – he made an accurate landing, sent to the surface two small all-terrain vehicles necessary for his operations and collected scientific data around the landing site – but also continued the “path of the samurai” after waking up. Now, in particular, he will search for and photograph lunar minerals.

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