Right after Apple’s electric car died before it was born, according to media reports, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, promised shareholders at the annual meeting “new horizons” in the development of generative AI. Some of the employees who worked on the electric car project moved to the departments associated with this development.

Unlike its competitors, Apple has been slow to invest in AI and scale up its use. Tim Cook stated that the company is working on internal artificial intelligence tools, but in a “balanced and thoughtful way.” It seems that this process will now accelerate – in particular, due to the fact that the funds saved on the project of the “apple” electric car (at first they wanted to extend it for another four years, until 2028, but then this idea was rejected) can be used to create AI from Apple. It was reported that the company will invest $1 billion a year in its own AI products, including the large Ajax language model and Apple’s internal GPT chatbot. It is also rumored that the upcoming iPhone 16 models will have a significantly updated Neural Engine, Apple’s proprietary built-in chip to speed up artificial intelligence processing.

It is not yet known what exactly of these technological marvels users will see, and when exactly. Tim Cook traditionally does not name any dates, devices and tools to expect. However, the Bloomberg news agency reported that Apple plans to update the Spotlight search engine for Siri and iOS with AI models to handle more complex queries and multi-step conversations. Apple is also exploring AI features that will allow users to automatically generate playlists in Apple Music and presentation slides in Keynote.

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