Meta Corporation announced that from April 2024 it will remove the News tab for Facebook users in the United States and Australia. Meta will also not offer new products specifically for news publishers. This decision is explained by the fact that few users of the social network are interested in news on the platform (and some, probably, do not know where to look for the News tab at all).

“News” is a special tab in the bookmarks section of Facebook, where, as its name implies, news is published. Due to the nature of Facebook’s interface, it is really not easy to find it. Meta says that only 3% of users view news on this social network, so the skin is not worth it. According to Meta, the number of Facebook News users in Australia and the United States fell by more than 80% last year.

We know that people don’t come to Facebook for news or political content – they come to connect with people and discover new opportunities, passions, and interests.

At the same time, Facebook emphasizes that news stores will still be able to share their content on the platform, and users will be able to share any news and articles they like in their own feeds – of course, if those articles do not violate community standards, security policies, and God knows what, and also successfully pass fact-checking. It is not known whether users of the Ukrainian segment of Facebook read the news in the News tab, but in the art of publishing their true thoughts, avoiding ubiquitous censorship, they have got their hands on it.

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