Instagram is testing a new feature, the essence of which follows from the name – “Friends Map” – will allow you to track the location of your friends on the map – if they allow, and they, in turn, know where you are now. Engineer and mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who often “finds” new features for a variety of servers even before their official introduction, announced the feature in his post on X.

Paluzzi also said that users will be able to customize which of their friends will see them on the map – and those who already have no shortage of tracking will be able to use the “ghost mode” that will hide their location. In addition, the screenshots that Paluzzi posted on X show that users will be able to leave notes on the map – for example, reporting what they are currently doing (suddenly someone familiar is just running past the store where they are choosing new jeans). Your location data will be end-to-end encrypted – meaning no one will know where you are but you and the friends you choose.

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