A lawsuit from Elon Musk against OpenAI and Sam Altman has been filed in a court in San Francisco, in which the scandalous billionaire asks to ban the ChatGPT development company from making money on its product. Musk’s lawyers argue that Sam Altman abandoned OpenAI’s original mission of developing artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity, not for profit. The creators of ChatGPT are also accused of keeping the design of GPT-4’s most advanced language model a secret.

The lawsuit alleges that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and its co-founder Greg Brockman first proposed to Elon Musk to create an open-source nonprofit company – and instead launched a partnership with Microsoft, whose multibillion-dollar investments led to OpenAI’s focus “on making money.” It is not known whether Elon himself lives by the holy spirit and does not make money on anything, or whether he is still gnawed by resentment that (according to rumors) in 2018 he was denied the position of CEO of OpenAI – but Musk Asks On the charges he brought, a jury trial was held, and OpenAI, as well as Sam Altman and Greg Brockman personally, were ordered to return the profits from the business. Where exactly this profit should be returned, and on what basis is also unknown, but it may well be that it should be in the treasury of the restless Elon.

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