Brave Software, the developer of the Brave browser, has announced the launch of a new AI assistant, Leo, for Android. Leo, introduced last year, is now available in version 1.63 of the browser and has a wide range of features, from taking notes on web pages and generating written content to writing code and transcribing video or audio clips. The user does not need to log in to the Brave account to use the free version of Leo, and all communication with it goes through an anonymous server. They will not be recorded or used to train AI tools.

In addition, Leo uses several large language models, which ensures the quality and relevance of its responses to user queries and reduces errors. Calling it is very simple – in order to start a “conversation”, tap on the options menu and select Leo. The basic version is free, the premium version will cost $15 per month. Premium subscribers will have increased usage limits, anonymous tokens to confirm account status, and support on any of the major platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

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