Toyota is offering an incredible discount on its hydrogen Mirai car – almost 80% of its full price. For a car worth $52 thousand. provide $40 thousand. Discounts; And given that the company also promises customers free fuel worth $15 thousand, it turns out that the client will receive $3 thousand. as a gift.

This attraction of fabulous generosity is explained simply – although hydrogen cars like the Mirai have an impressive range and refuel quickly, access to hydrogen refueling stations is a problem that threatens the future of the entire technology and its competitiveness, as compared to, for example, electric cars. Despite this, Toyota and other automakers continue to invest in hydrogen technologies, seeing great potential in them, and remain optimistic about the future of such cars.

Despite obstacles such as infrastructure instability and high costs for the production of hydrogen cars, and to stimulate sales of such cars, Toyota is launching its unprecedented program, which, in addition to the benefits already described, provides an opportunity to purchase Mirai in installments at 0% per annum. However, there is a nuance – the model is sold only in California, and, be that as it may, it is very tempting to get a car from Toyota with an additional payment.

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