Maximum realism and the deepest possible immersion is what players want from video games, and what developers strive for. High-resolution graphics, exciting sound effects – the creators of the virtual world are doing everything possible to attract new adepts to it. And now they seem to have done the almost impossible. The Game Scent device from the company of the same name will allow gamers not only to see and hear the game as realistically as possible, but also to smell its smells.

Game Scent uses AI to analyze the game’s sounds and then releases the appropriate smell in real-time. The spectrum of smells is as wide as possible – from freshly cut grass to blood, sweat in the sports arena, gunpowder or the sea or forest. The kit, which can be purchased on Amazon for $149.99, includes six fragrance cartridges; The exact number of scents already available and future is currently unknown. Olfactory memory (smells that evoke memories of emotions, events, or people) in the case of the Game Scent invention can make the gaming experience very deep and intense, and in fact unforgettable. Game Scent is compatible with all gaming consoles, PCs, streaming platforms, and even movies.

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