Google has just revealed that some of its Pixel smartphones will get a next-generation call screening feature. In fact, this is an improvement on the existing Call Screen function using the new Hello button – and just a godsend for those who do not like to answer calls from unknown numbers, and at the same time are afraid of missing something important. Clicking on the Hello button will launch Google Assistant, which will speak on your behalf, and will be able to ask the caller in real time who they are and why they are trying to contact you. If the call is important, you can interrupt the AI and join the conversation in person, if not, just drop the call, or even block the number, if it’s again some telemarket selling Chinese trash for all the money in the world.

Google Assistant could already screen calls this way, but the Hello button gives the user full control over starting the verification process, and there’s even the option to ask the caller to wait a bit. The AI tool also records transcripts of these checks – they can be viewed at your leisure. This feature is currently only available for Pixel Fold and Pixel 6 and later. In addition, thanks to the March feature set update, Google smartphones will now be able to upload 10-bit HDR videos directly to Instagram without any processing.

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