The American company Amazon will pay $1.9 million to more than 700 migrant workers who were exploited in its warehouses in Saudi Arabia. The case gained publicity after Amnesty International and other human rights organizations reported on Amazon’s violations of human rights and working conditions. It is reported that the workers had to pay illegal (and therefore tax-free) fees for employment in Amazon warehouses, but at the same time lived in conditions close to slaves.

The company acknowledged the breach of supply chain standards and said it would take all appropriate steps to address these issues. However, this is not Amazon’s first violation of labor relations and labor laws; In addition, the company has constant problems with trade unions, and literally fights them, apparently because they prevent it from tearing three skins from people. Over the past year, Amazon has earned $576 billion, which is more than $1.5 billion dollars every day; against this backdrop, a payment of $2,700 per employee for what Amnesty International defines as human trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation does not seem at all worthy of compensation. Moreover, for some reason, it looks very much like a handout.

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