SpaceX employee Michelle Dopac claims that during the seven years she worked at the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, she had to endure sexual violence, unequal pay compared to men in a similar position, sexual harassment and even retaliation. The woman laid out all this in a lawsuit against SpaceX, adding that the president and vice president of the company ignored her complaints and requests to take action.

Ms. Dopak’s story is also very dark because it depicts not an isolated case of inadequate treatment of a woman by a leader, but large-scale persecution and coordinated actions that not only tolerated, but also covered up sexual coercion from her boss. In response to Ms. Dopac’s complaints, managers forced the woman to work 12-hour shifts every day, 6 days a week, and tried to cancel her health insurance payments.

Of course, the final decision on how it really was is up to the court, but this is not the first time that companies owned by Musk have been involved in scandals. In 2021, 5 former SpaceX employees were sued, whose testimony is almost identical to Ms. Dopak’s story. 8 women are now suing Tesla. Also pending in court is a class action lawsuit from 7 other ex-SpaceX employees regarding the violation of their civil rights – and they also claim that they were discriminated against and sexually harassed.

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