Elon Musk’s latest radical idea for changes to X, which, however, is still under discussion, is to provide users with the ability to hide the number of likes and shares under their posts from prying eyes. He voiced this idea at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom conference.

Musk believes that showing the number of likes and shares makes X “sloppy.” Apparently, such a bright thought shone on Elon Musk last year, when he used a special algorithm to discreetly remove likes under a post that Musk Elon was broadcasting Kremlin propaganda narratives. It achieved, however, the exact opposite effect – people began to go to X to check if their likes were in place, and the post itself gained 40 million views in a few days. So now everything will be easier – you can’t see the number of likes, and no one will know how many people (for example) agree that you are singing along with Putin.

In addition to this innovation, Musk promises to introduce the possibility of money transfers through X. Some states, including Pennsylvania and Utah, have already granted financial licenses. Permission from the State of California should arrive in a few months. Even before the acquisition of Twitter, Musk promised to create an application for all occasions – and it seems that he did take up this measure on platform X.

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