In the Red Sea, 4 out of 15 telecommunication cables have been cut, which ensure the operation of the global Internet network. We are talking about critical lines on the data transmission route between Asia and Europe. The damage affected a quarter of the traffic that goes through the Red Sea on the African, Asian and Middle East lines (namely the Asia-Africa-Europe 1 line, Europe-India locks, Seacom and TGN-Gulf).

The incident most likely occurred within Yemen’s maritime jurisdiction in the southern part of the Red Sea. Last month, the Yemeni government warned of a planned Houthi attack on undersea Internet cables, but the Houthis, for their part, deny the sabotage and shift the blame to unnamed military operations by Britain and the United States, without any evidence, however

Seacom, which is trying to repair the damage, said that it redirects traffic along surviving routes whenever possible. At the same time, although it is not known for sure whether these events are related or just such a coincidence, there was a global failure in the work of Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram – all of these services have either completely “crashed” or are malfunctioning.

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