The National Commission for the State Regulation of Electronic Communications (NCEC) by its decision allowed the mobile operator Vodafone to expand the numbering resource by 10 million numbers, and provided an additional network code – 075.

The Commission decided to issue a permit to the operator to use the destination network code 75 for a mobile network with a subscriber capacity of 10,000,000 non-geographical numbers for the provision of electronic communication services on the territory of Ukraine for a period of 5 years.

Vodafone announced that it is starting to introduce a new numbering resource in all internal systems and services, and by the end of the year, subscribers will already be able to choose a number starting with +380 75. Currently, Vodafone has four number codes at its disposal: 050, 066, 095, 099, and in its application for a new code, the operator indicated that it had used almost 80% of the available numbering resource.

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