“What’s too much is not healthy” – this simple truth seems to have been completely forgotten by the 62-year-old German, who has had 217 COVID vaccinations in 29 months. “For personal reasons,” as the patient himself noted, he was vaccinated with 8 different vaccines, including updated boosters. Scientists found out about the hyper-vaccinated benefactor when law enforcement officers began to consider his actions on suspicion of fraud (because no sane doctor will give permission not only for 217, but even for 17 vaccinations during such a time – therefore, the German deceived the doctors) – and invited him to undergo some tests, to which he willingly agreed. To the surprise of the researchers, they did not find any undesirable effects from hyperimmunization.

However, scientists are extremely cautious in their conclusions, and if we translate their words from medical language into ordinary language, they say that the benefactor who was sniffed out was just pretty lucky. And this is actually an exception to the rule, and the rule is as follows: hyperimmunization, that is, the administration of more vaccines than provided for by medical protocols and relevant vaccination schedules, does not increase protection against the disease, but on the contrary, can, in particular, lead to a weakening of the immune response and a number of adverse reactions and side effects from vaccines. It is currently unknown whether the patient was examined by psychiatrists, and whether his desire to be constantly vaccinated with a phobia. 134 vaccinations of a man with 8 different drugs have been officially confirmed. We can only hope that at least Sputnik is not among them.

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