The information that Starlink satellite communication terminals are used by the Russians on the Ukrainian front line and even on the territory of the Russian Federation was released by Ukrainian intelligence back in February 2024. According to the Chief Intelligence Directorate, the Russian occupation forces have thousands of Starlinks, and congressmen from the House of Representatives wondered where they got those terminals. Democrats Jamie Ruskin and Robert Garcia sent an official letter to SpaceX President Gwen Shotwell demanding an explanation of what measures her company took to eliminate the “security vulnerabilities” that the aggressors took advantage of to purchase Starlink, and how SpaceX is working with the US authorities to prevent such cases in the future.

Russia’s alleged use of Starlink satellite communication terminals poses a serious threat to the security of Ukraine, the lives of Ukrainians, and the national security of the United States. We are concerned that you (SpaceX) may lack appropriate boundaries and (proper) policies.

SpaceX may indeed have no boundaries due to the well-known desire of the company’s actual owner, Elon Musk, to divide the Ukraine like some kind of pie and give Putin everything he wants to “stop the war.” However, Musk himself claims that the statements that the company sells Starlink to Russia are “categorically false” and suggests that the Russian Federation buys terminals through third parties in other countries to circumvent sanctions.

Congressmen Ruskin and Garcia also plan to contact the Pentagon and other security agencies to clarify all the circumstances of this case.

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