The chatbot from OpenAI “spoke” in 37 languages, including Ukrainian. From now on, the AI assistant is able to voice its answers in real time – mobile versions of GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 for iOS and Android, as well as their web versions, already have this feature. You can activate it by clicking on the speaker icon in the chat (Read Aloud button). Users have been able to ask ChatGPT questions by voice since September 2023, but the chance to hear the answers has only just appeared.

ChatGPT will determine the language of the voice response automatically, based on the language of the request. Users are offered a choice of five options for synthesized voices to read the answer, and the ability to configure the chatbot so that it always responds verbally. On mobile apps, users can press and hold text to open the Read Aloud player, where they can pause, rewind, and play the readout. In the web version, a speaker icon is shown below the text.

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