The open-source social network Bluesky, known as an open-source alternative to X (Twitter), has announced the testing of one of its most ambitious ideas: to allow users to launch their own moderation services. This will allow Bluesky developers and users to work together to create their own labeling tools for the new platform.

In just one month, since February 2024 (since then, you can join the platform without an invitation), 2 million users have been added to Bluesky, and their total number is 5 million. The company said that its approach to content moderation is based on the same principles and philosophy as the social network’s general policy. Representatives of the platform defined their goal as follows:

Create an ecosystem of moderation and open-source security tools that empower communities to create their own spaces with their own norms and preferences.

Moderation will take place with the help of labeling services; Developers will be able to create their own filtering systems, which other users will be able to join. For example, if you don’t like spiders (or snakes, or Russians) – but one of them catches your eye in your feed, just set the appropriate moderation mark, and all the tantalizing images will disappear from your space (from the virtual one, of course).

The platform’s CEO, Jay Graber, called this concept “composited” moderation. “We always do basic moderation, which is to give you a standard moderated experience when you go to Bluesky. And you can also customize everything additionally.” New third-party labeling services will begin rolling out this week, first in the desktop version, and then in the mobile version.

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