Diia has become open source, i.e. it has opened the source code of its software for public access. The open-source Diia software is already hosted on the Github web service for collaborative development of applications, but you must first sign a public license to gain access.

In addition to the actual license for use, developers have access to the code of the mobile application (frontend and backend), as well as logic, a document, and a service that will help understand how the platform works (we are talking about the “Driver’s License” document and the “Police Clearance Extract” service as examples of the logic of the “Diia” operation). The head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, assures that nothing threatens the confidential information of Diia users.

The data of Ukrainians is completely safe. There is no access to registers in the code. If an IT specialist wants to make a “request to the registry”, then fictitious users with fictitious data were uploaded to the test environment specifically for this purpose. On these users, you can check the logic of working with information.

So from now on, any IT specialist will be able to analyze the technology and offer and work out their ideas that will improve the performance of the application. Governments around the world have the opportunity to learn Ukrainian experience of digitalization and use the Diia code to create their own similar services.

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