The EU’s new Digital Services Law (DSA), which came into force this month, contains strict requirements for content moderation on very large platforms with more than 45 million users. In total, they include 19 different platforms – social networks Facebook, TikTok, X (Twitter), Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube video service, Google services, Wikipedia, etc. The international e-commerce site AliExpress (operated by the Chinese technology giant Alibaba) was also included in this list, and it is on this list that the European Commission has launched an official study.

The EU accuses AliExpress of distributing pornographic and other illegal content, which, according to the European Commission, indicates potential problems with moderation. In addition, the European Commission will check whether AliExpress complies with its own terms of service, in particular, regarding the sale of products dangerous to human health or counterfeit medicines (of course, such sales are officially prohibited). If the allegations are confirmed , the company may be fined up to 6% of its global annual turnover.

An AliExpress spokesperson assured that the company “has cooperated and will continue to work with the relevant authorities to ensure that it complies with all applicable standards as it seeks to create a safe market for all consumers.” This is the third official investigation within the DSA, after the proceedings opened against TikTok and Musk X’s social network.

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