Amazon’s most well-known e-commerce platform is rolling out a new generative AI feature that will allow sellers to create product description pages automatically without having to enter data by hand. All you need to do is copy the link, which contains a written description and image of your store. AI will analyze it and give the result – the product page is already on Amazon. This saves a lot of time for sellers.

The only restriction to using this feature (however, it is appropriate) is that sellers who choose to use a third-party URL to create a product page must be the owner, copyright holder, or licensee of the link content. If the seller provides false information, Amazon can take legal action.

This feature will be available to merchants in the U.S. in the coming weeks. Amazon is actively implementing AI tools in all areas of its business. Recently, the company launched an AI chatbot called Rufus, which answers customers’ questions about products, can compare similar products or models from the same manufacturer, and can even joke and compose songs about items, although this was not expected from it; however, Rufus refuses to flirt with buyers – here it is, the advantage of human consultants. Sellers can use AI tools to generate images and text for product listings. An AI text-to-image generator is also available on the platform.

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