Facebook is trying to return the functions of “pushers” to their former popularity. One of the oldest on the platform, and once quite actively used – old-timers on FB remember it well – now it has fallen into disrepair. Recently, the social network began to fix this by improving the suggestions for who to push, as well as making it easier to find a page from which to do it. In addition, the platform has added the ability to kick a friend when you search for them on Facebook.

The company boasted that thanks to these changes, the number of kicks has increased as much as 13 times over the past month; In addition, the audience that uses it has become younger – in more than 50% of cases, these are young people aged 18 to 29. The poking function appeared on Facebook along with Facebook itself, back in 2004, but after losing popularity, it was hidden in navigation so securely that most novice users simply did not know about it. Facebook keeps the purpose of its creation a secret, and it decided to give a new life to the pushers in honor of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the social network. Overall, poking is an easy way to say “Hello!” to a friend or start a light flirt – just wait to be kicked back.

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