Inspired by the success of his first brain implant from Neuralink, which allows paralyzed people to control a computer with the power of thought, Elon Musk announced on X that his company is already testing a new Blindsight neurochip on monkeys – it can restore sight to the blind.

Initially, the resolution will be low, like early Nintendo graphics, but eventually it may exceed normal human vision. The Blindsight implant is already working on monkeys.

The implantation of the chip involves the insertion of 64 flexible thin filaments into the area of the brain that is responsible for the intention of movement (or, in the case of Blindsight, into the visual area of the cerebral cortex). The implant then records and transmits brain signals to a program that decodes them. Elon Musk started talking about Neuralink working on a chip for the blind back in November 2023, but then, in his opinion, the development would take several years. However, if the current pace of research continues, very soon we will witness another scientific and technological revolution from Neuralink.

However, journalists did unearth documents that contradict Musk’s statements that “not a single monkey died as a result of the implantation of Neuralink.” Some Neuralink macaques had to be euthanized so that they would not suffer from postoperative complications.

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