Microsoft will continue to add new AI features to the Microsoft Teams app. Its latest version has received an improved work of the Copilot AI assistant, which is now able not only to summarize meetings, but also to combine written chats and oral transcripts into a single presentation, thus forming the most complete picture of meetings.

The AI smart call summarization feature automatically takes notes during calls, giving users quick access to call results without having to record anything themselves. In the future, Microsoft plans to launch an intelligent resume with video conferencing results on the Teams Premium plan. In addition, Copilot will be able to compose chat messages in different styles, customize them, and automatically generate them based on the context in the chat.

Microsoft also plans to expand collaboration with carriers to provide access to the Teams Phone Mobile feature, which allows users to have the same number in Teams as on their mobile phone. The new AI features will be available in Teams in the coming months.

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